How To Make A Small Heart Out Of Paper?

Origami hearts are an excellent method to express your affection for someone. They’re also effortless to make, and you can do it with paper from your recycling bin! One sheet of paper and a few minutes are required. It is a relaxing method to create something beautiful and a gift anyone would appreciate. So, how to make a small heart out of paper?

If you create a paper origami heart to give to a loved one on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you will want to use paper of a higher quality than that you usually recycle.

How To Make A Small Heart Out Of Paper?

Were you looking for an adorable present to give to a friend, a crush, or a family member? Your search is over because we have the ideal handmade heart that will make anyone flush. This craft requires only a square piece of paper (size and color are entirely up to you), some perseverance, and paper-folding skills. With our assistance, you will create so many paper hearts that you won’t know what to do with them all!

Method 1: Traditional Heart Origami

  1. Fold a square sheet of paper in half diagonally. Place the piece on a flat surface and shape it into a diamond shape. Fold the uppermost point towards the lowermost position. Please fold the paper to create a crease, and then unfurl it.
  2. The greater the size of your paper, the greater the size of your paper heart. The smaller the piece, the more diminutive the heart.
  3. Cut a piece of printer paper (or any other paper you have on hand) into a square if you do not have a square piece of paper.
  4. The paper is then folded in half in the opposite orientation. Turn your paper so the corner you did not fold before faces you. Then, unfurl the paper, bringing the bottom point to the top end and creasing the center fold.
  5. The square should have four triangles or two perpendicular crease markings running through its center.
  6. Place the highest position in the center of the paper. Maintain the paper so that it resembles a diamond. Fold the upper point into the square’s center at the creases’ intersection. Press down on the crease to maintain its position.
  7. Raise the bottom point to the paper’s upper edge. Fold the end closest to you up and over the page’s center to meet the upper edge of the previous fold.
  8. Bring both halves to the upper edge of the paper and fold them up and over. Keep the paper flat on your work surface and fold it at a 90-degree angle to bring the correct point over the top edge. Repeat this fold with the left end, gathering the folds’ inner margins in the paper’s center.
  9. It may require two hands, one to grasp the center of the paper while the other folds it.
  10. Consider the right and left points as halves of a heart. Folding up the right end forms the right half, while folding the left points creates the left half.
  11. The points should be tucked into the rear of the paper. Turn over your folded paper. Fold the two ends on each heart’s upper side approximately half an inch (1.3 cm). It will provide your paper heart with a rounder appearance.
  12. Keep the extremities out if you’d like your heart to be more triangular.
  13. You’ve created your very own paper heart! Flip it over and examine the reverse side.

Method 2: Heart in 2D

  • Fold a sheet of square paper in half horizontally. Place the piece on a flat surface in front of you to begin. Then, fold the paper’s upper edge to meet the bottom edge. Hold the fold to create a crease, and then unfurl the paper.
  • If you don’t have a piece of square paper, no concerns! Use scissors to trim a piece of paper of varying size into a square.
  • Vertically fold the paper in half. Bring the left edge of the paper to the right edge by bringing it over. Apply pressure to the fold to create a crease, then unfurl it. Your paper is now divided into four sections.
  • Fold the paper diagonally in half twice. Bring the upper left point down until it contacts the lower right end. Apply pressure to the fold, then unfold the paper. Next, bring the upper-right point to the lower-left position. Fold and unfurl.
  • Bring the paper’s top and bottom borders to the center. Both edges should meet in the horizontal center of the page. Press each fold to create a crease, then unroll the paper again.
  • Rotate the paper to the right and make another horizontal crease. Slide the piece so that the right edge is now the bottom edge of the square. As before, fold the top and bottom edges into the center of the paper. Create a fold, then unfurl it.
  • Rotate the piece of paper and fold the top and bottom points to the center of the sheet. Make your paper appear like a diamond by inverting it. Then, bring the uppermost point down to the paper’s center and the lowermost end to the center. Apply pressure to the folds so that they remain in position.
  • Gather the pleats together to create a heart. Fold the left and right points toward the center of the paper while simultaneously folding the upper two points to the center. Bring the objects to the center along the diagonal lines. Utilize both palms for this. Bring together the left folds with your left hand and the right folds with your right. After forming a heart, you should flatten the crease.
  • Please fold the paper in half horizontally, with the top and bottom edges facing away from you, to flatten it. The crease should meet you when unfurled.
  • Fold the heart’s upper points toward and away from you. Bring the left end toward the heart’s center, create a crease, and then make the same fold behind the seat. Repeat with the rightmost point on the right side.
  • The process of folding something toward you is called valley folding, whereas tucking something away from you is known as mountain folding.
  • Pull the paper’s side margins out to reveal a square-shaped crease. Turn the paper so that the left edge of the previous fold faces you. Hold the folded paper with both hands and gently draw to separate the folds partially. Locate the square-shaped fissure near the paper’s center.
  • There should be two intersecting perpendicular folds in the center of the square.
  • Fold the square’s sides away from yourself and flatten them together. Fold each point of the square mountain-style. After creating four mountain folds, you must press the folds together. Repeat this procedure with the right heart edge and point.
  • If you have folded the square accurately, it will self-fold when you press it together. If it does not, have no fear! With your finger, press down on the center of the square to push everything into position.
  • Pull on each side of the paper to “inflate” the heart. Ensure that all your points are securely tucked into the heart’s center, give the heart one final press, and gently pull on the back and front to flatten it. Now, all that remains is to give it to your friend, admirer, or family!

Making a small paper heart is a straightforward and enjoyable do-it-yourself project. Begin by folding a square piece of paper in half, then drawing and cutting out one half of a heart shape along the folded edge. You’ll have a charming paper heart for various creative purposes when unfurled.

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