How To Make Christmas Cards With Pictures On The Front And Back?

Each holiday season, choosing your Christmas cards requires considerable effort. From deciding what to write in your holiday card to compiling a list of recipients, sending Christmas cards involves effort. And if you’re like most people, adding holiday cards to your ever-growing Christmas to-do list may need to be more manageable. We are here to assist. We’ve compiled how to make Christmas cards with pictures on the front and back? Thus, you can move on to your following holiday obligation, knowing you will send gorgeous cards to your loved ones.

Christmas Card Printing

When you are set to order custom Christmas cards, it is crucial to understand the available options. For this reason, we have enumerated all the available printing options below.

  • Cardstock: Our archival-quality 120 lb signature paper is one of the most popular options for Christmas cards for the following explanations: photos print beautifully and clearly, and it’s simple to write on.
  • Photo Paper: Photo Paper is a more cost-effective alternative to cardstock. Although the material is glossier and more challenging to write on, the photo quality is extraordinary and guaranteed to last.
  • Pearl Shimmer Cardstock: Identical in appearance and texture to standard cardstock but with a lustrous finish. 
  • Foil Stamped cards: This costly add-on features a foil debossing to bring your holiday greetings to life.
  • Personalized Foil Cards: This sort of thing is a step up from foil stamps. It enables you to add your family’s name or a customized message in actual foil to help your card out-shine the rest.
  • Glitter cards: Make Christmas cards stand out by using this unique embellishment. You will be able to appreciate your card throughout the holiday season and beyond.
  • Gate Fold cards: Cards with a Gate Fold contain two inward panels. This option for multidimensional holiday cards is ideal for families with many photos or personal messages for loved ones. 
  • Regular corners: The default for most holiday cards is cut with each of the four corners at an angle of 90°.
  • Rounded Corners: Similar to the default, except the corners are cut with rounded edges.
  • Ticket Style: This design resembles the geometry of old-fashioned tickets, with the corners rounded inwardly.
  • Bracketed: This cut design features four corners with a bracketed appearance.
  • Scalloped: Scalloped edges resemble a pattern of inward and outward circular edges.

Standard Size For Christmas Cards

Choosing the appropriate Christmas card size depends heavily on the desired shape and design. When deciding on card size, it is essential also to consider factors such as postage cost. We have compiled a list of standard Christmas card sizes for your convenience.

How Big Are Christmas Cards?

The scale of Christmas cards is comparable to standard greeting cards, birthday cards, and other similar stationery. The most prevalent dimension is 5×7 inches, compatible with standard postage. Cards that are square, extra-large, or heavy may impose a higher postage cost. 

Greeting Card Dimensions

  • 5×7 inches: The standard greeting card dimension is 5 by 7 inches. This card size fits most standard envelopes and typically requires no additional postage.
  • 6×8 inches: This is a bit bigger card size than the 5X7 option, but the proportions remain the same. This card may be ideal for families who want their holiday greetings to stand out. 
  • 4×8 inches: This card size is thin and long, making it genuinely distinct to receive in the mail.
  • 5 x 5 inches: a square-shaped Christmas card looks excellent on any refrigerator. However, it is essential to note that mailing this size card will be more expensive.

How To Make Christmas Cards?

The creation of your annual Christmas card should be manageable. We want to facilitate the process by providing a step-by-step guide for creating and ordering your cards. Therefore, when you are ready to begin creating your holiday cards, please refer to the instructions below. 

How To Make Christmas Cards With Pictures?

  • Select your preferred family photographs for your holiday cards. Ensure that these are uploaded to your Shutterfly account. 
  • Make a list of all the names and addresses of those you wish to send greeting cards to.
  • Find some ingenuity. Check out our suggestions for Christmas cards to see some of our favorite holiday designs.
  • Choose a design motif or color. What colors complement your Christmas photo?
  • Create your budget. Include postage costs when calculating the price per card.
  • Based on your budget and desired design motif, peruse our assortment of Christmas cards and select the one that best suits you. 
  • Choose your preferred style and contribute family photos to your project. These will be displayed in a bar that you can scroll at the bottom of the project.
  • Choose your preferred trimming options, card dimensions, card paper, embellishments, and colors. All of these can be found in the options menu on the left.
  • Drag and drop your photos into the program, then crop them as necessary. You can request a creative review if you’re concerned about the image’s quality. They will inform you of any problems with your photos or design.
  • Add a personalized message and your family’s name to the text fields provided. Verify that every word is spelled correctly.
  • If desired, include an envelope inlay or other customization.
  • Either pre-load your addresses for an expedited process or leave the envelopes as-is.
  • Proceed with the checkout.

Back Of Christmas Card

On the reverse of most Christmas cards, there is ample space for you to write personal messages to your loved ones. Whether it’s a general Christmas greeting or a handwritten letter, these notes play a significant role in numerous Christmas traditions. But, sometimes you’ll add your your family image on the back of Christmas card.

Ideas For Christmas Card Designs

When searching for the ideal holiday card design, it is essential to understand the various varieties and styles available. Your choice of Christmas card theme, from traditional to contemporary, will set the tone for your holiday greetings. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the differences between the various styles and how they will complement your family Christmas card.

Traditional Christmas cards typically feature more Christmas illustrations than family photographs. In addition to a traditional Christmas greeting, these illustrations may feature snowscapes, Christmas-themed elements, or religious symbols.

Modern Christmas cards differ from traditional ones, featuring more vibrant hues, playful shapes and patterns, and family photographs.

Were you looking for something a little more entertaining during the holiday season? Whimsical Christmas cards are your flavor. With their vibrant, bold colors, exciting fonts, and ample room for family photographs, they will look fantastic displayed in your home.

In contrast to whimsical cards, contemporary Christmas card styles emphasize the family photo and employ minimalist design. It makes them ideal for families who value simplicity.

In addition to these four popular Christmas card designs, we have also included the following:

  • Kids
  • Texture & Patterns
  • Religious
  • Sparkle & Shine
  • Winter’s Dream
  • The rustic
  • Craft
  • Photos Gallery
  • Snowflakes
  • Pets
  • just marriage
  • First Christmas
  • Moving Announcements
  • Disney
  • Simple

Personalizing and embellishing holiday cards with front and rear photographs adds a festive touch. Please choose your favorite holiday images, print them on cardstock, and fold the paper in half to create holiday cards. Create one-of-a-kind, sincere holiday greeting cards by personalizing the interior with greetings and well-wishes.

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